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Hoagies Deli

The Phillie Steak Place

About Us

Our Company was founded 25 years ago in a strip center in Pampa, Tx. The opportunity for success was merely a dream back then. Well now our dreams have come true and our flagship location is still thriving and doing well. Over the years we have built locations in numerous areas across the Texas Panhandle. 

We have evolved slowly over the years, and have recently given ourselves a new identity. We will never lose focus of that delicious Phillie Steak sandwich that has been the heart and soul of this company for so many years. Our Phillie Steak Sandwich is who we are, and now we feel that new menu items such as our new line of Panini's will do nothing but help us add to, and build on our previous success right into the future.


1201 N. Hobart

Pampa, Tx 79065



Mon - Fri 11:00-8:00

Saturday 11:00-7:00